The semester is already halfway over! I can't believe that I've already been here at Bryn Mawr for months. ♥

I love... frozen blueberrys.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Gina + Scary = Bad

Warning: If you are scared by scary things, then please take your scaredy-cat self elsewhere because this scary post will have lots of scary things on it. :)

The first scary movie I saw was Mars Attacks. I don't remember exactly how old I was... It was when I was still living in Silver Spring, MD. I was probably 6 or 7? But because of this pathetic excuse of a movie, I couldn't go upstairs at night by myself for years. Whenever my mom forced me to fetch her something from upstairs, I always ran to fetch it and flew downstairs screaming "MMMOOOOMMMYYY!!!!" at the top of my lungs. I was that scared.

By the time I started the 5th grade, I was all into the "hottest" fads. Yes, there were fads in elementary school. I remember that the punk rock thing was BIG back then. I was in love with all color combinations that involved black and listened to Good Charlotte, Simple Plan, New Found Glory, and Ataris. Oh, and I loved the Nightmare Before Christmas.

I used to be the biggest Nightmare Before Christmas fan. Seriously. I had all the songs memorized. I could even do the voices. As a matter of fact, I think I can still sing This is Halloween and Kidnap the Sandy Claws perfectly.

Recognize these guys? They were the evil Halloweentown twerps that kidnapped Santa in the movie. I loved them. I thought that they were the cutest, most awesome movie characters in the history of movies! I had a super-special soft spot for Lock, the demon kid. My friend even bought me a Lock doll for Christmas once... which became my bedtime "teddy bear" for about a month. Imagine sleeping with a little devil doll nestled in the crook of your arm... Well, that was me. I loved his red, flannel pajamas and his little devil tail. I'm being totally serious. I really loved these guys.

Around this time, I bought the book Coraline by Neil Gaiman. I didn't particularly like the story, but I pretended to... because everyone else in my elementary school class did. I thought that it was a really weird story. But that didn't stop me participating in the next elementary school fad: watching horror movies.

At my 6th grade birthday party, my friends and I rented The Ring and were so scared that we had to go and watch Cinderella 2 with my little sister. I was traumatized. A couple of years later, I watched The Grudge. The minute I stepped out of the theater, I swore that I'd never see another horror movie again.

Do you know HOW badly those two movies affected me? I can't wash my face at night without being scared. It's been like this for years. Every time I close my eyes to lather up the soap, to splash water on my face, all I can think of is looking up, opening my eyes, and seeing some scary scary scary person/thing behind me in the mirror. Call me crazy, but that was what two horror movies did to me. And that is why I hate horror movies, why I hate anything remotely scary.

Nightmare Before Christmas and Coraline scare me now. I mean... creepy, demonic kids? Two-faced mayors? "Other-moms" with button eyes? Yeah, the button eyes were a big no-no for me. They were the reason that I refused to go to watch Tim Burton's Coraline with my sisters. On the other hand, Mars Attacks doesn't scare me anymore. I can see why I was scared as a child... I mean, LOOK AT THAT THING! It used this crazy laser gun that melted peoples' skin away until their bones were left! No wonder I was scared... Some people laugh at these kinds of pictures, saying that they're cheesy and whatnot. And then they laugh at ME, calling me a wimp and scaredy-cat for being afraid of watching horror movies. I'm trying to defend my anti-horror movie stance. No matter what anyone says, I'm never going to watch a horror movie again. Never never never. Those days are over for me.

Of course, there are those times when I'm naively watching a fun movie on TV and a trailer for a horror movie pops up and I get a three second glimpse of blood/long hair girls/screaming people. But instances like those are few... and I've stopped watching MTV since the last time this happened. ;)

Tim Burton's new projects are coming out soon. It seems like a lot of people are really excited to see 9 and his remake of Alice in Wonderland. I won't be going to see either of them. Seeing the trailer for 9 and seeing a few photographs from Alice in Wonderland has been enough for me.

So... if you're thinking about inviting me to watch either of those movies, find someone else. If you're dead set on taking me (I'm the BEST movie partner ever btw!!!), choose a movie like Harry Potter (hinthint) and I'll be happy!

Whew~ that was a looong post. Sorry you had to read through all my ranting! Love you all!

Saturday, July 4, 2009


I always lose things. My family and friends will fervently agree. Sometimes, it's a shirt or my celly or my camera... Most often than not, it's my iPod that goes missing. I'm never really bothered when I lose things b/c I know that they'll show up sooner or later. I know, I know... I sound like an idiot right now, but that's how I really am!

But this time, it's different.

I lost my iPod... three months ago. Yes, three whole months ago. And I'm finally starting to worry. I mean, I really really really loved my iPod. After all, we'd been together for a while...

I received my iPod on my 16th birthday. Just for the heck of feeling nostalgic, I went back and read my 16th birthday diary entry. It was really funny/embarrassing reading that particular entry. To be honest, I was being a stuck-up brat, acting all emo and angsty about how my birthday turned out. Boy, was I being stupid that day... LOL. Seriously, I was SO self-absorbed. Even though it's kinda embarrassing, I'm gonna post my diary entry here:

Mommy and Daddy bought me an iPod nano in black. It was approximately $250...? That's the most that they've ever spent on me for a gift and so... I know that they are trying to make me happy. I mean, it was really expensive and I know we're trying to save money.

I've always wanted an mp3 player and iPod nano's are the best/most popular as of now. But, in all honesty, I would rather have had a nice "birthday" than this iPod nano.

Am I being selfish...? I just wanted to feel important, loved, and special today. But all I felt today was bitterness and resentment. I know that I should be grateful. But... I can't do it. I really wanted to celebrate my birthday. It was supposed to be my special day.

Btw, that was written in 2007! Spoiled, much? Heck yeah, I was. Seriously... now, I can honestly day that my iPod (and my backpack - but I'll talk about that later) was the best birthday gift EVER.


Wow. I feel so stupid.

As I was typing up this passion-filled entry, my mom called me over to her office. She held up this crappy little SanDisk mp3 player and was like, "How about you use this?" I walked away, wanting to finish my blog ranting on my lost iPod, but then she said, "If I find your iPod, you have to tutor your sisters without complaint all summer." Of course I agreed... I mean, my sisters and I had been searching ALL DAY for the stupid thing. I'd ransacked the house searching for it and blamed Hannah (sorrysorrysorry) more times than I could count. I thought that no one was ever going to find it... But lo and behold! There it was - my little iPod - in my mom's hand.

It was like 4th of July fireworks had gone off in my head (hahaha... appropriate, no?). Seriously... I was SO happy. :) But I couldn't believe that I'd already written half a blog post on my lost iPod.

Oh, the irony... - -;;

I have to say it again... I'm SO happy.
Nevermind... Hannah just farted in our little study room.
It stinks... really bad.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Funny Love Story

What is the Funny Love Story, you ask?

During freshman year of high school, I fell in love - or at least, I thought I had - with this boy. He was a cute and tall Korean boy. He was good at math and always played Tetris in my summer school geometry class. I totally fell for him. My friends and I started calling him "Goldfish". - -;; I know, I know... it was a really really really stupid name. I still don't remember how we thought of that name. lol :)

Anyway, my friends called me "Onionhead/Oniongirl". I had really bushy, kkop-seul-muh-ri hair that I always tied back into an ultra-high ponytail. My hair was pulled so far back on some days that my already small eyes became slits! Not really... but you get my drift.

No, seriously. I looked like that (<--). Imagine a face instead of the white bulb, hair instead of the green things... That was me - the one and only Oniongirl. I don't wear my hair like that anymore, but that name's stuck with me since then. Oh well... :)

I had a friend who knew everything about my crush on Goldfish. She always had really fun/crazy ideas and she ended up using my crush on Goldfish to create the concept behind "Funny Love Story". It was basically an over-dramatized version of my freshman year love life. Over time, we added two new characters: Moonyman and Clover-of-the-Fairy.

She even drew a diagram depicting the complicated love lives of the four characters. This diagram eventually became something like an insignia... lol. We drew it everywhere, on everything. Here's a photo of one of the original diagrams (-->).

Now that I think about it, we were absolutely ridiculous. I mean, Moonyman? Clover-of-the-Fairy? Hahaha. But I loved it! <3 "Funny Love Story" was probably one of my best high school memories.

Sooo... that is the story behind the title of this blog. I know some people probably checked out this blog expecting me to have written about my hilarious love life. Sorry! :)

I'm actually using this blog as my college journal, a way for my family and friends to keep up with my life in college. Kinda lame, I know... But I didn't want my parents to start dabbling around with Facebook.

That's it, folks! End of my very first post! Yay! <3