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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Funny Love Story

What is the Funny Love Story, you ask?

During freshman year of high school, I fell in love - or at least, I thought I had - with this boy. He was a cute and tall Korean boy. He was good at math and always played Tetris in my summer school geometry class. I totally fell for him. My friends and I started calling him "Goldfish". - -;; I know, I know... it was a really really really stupid name. I still don't remember how we thought of that name. lol :)

Anyway, my friends called me "Onionhead/Oniongirl". I had really bushy, kkop-seul-muh-ri hair that I always tied back into an ultra-high ponytail. My hair was pulled so far back on some days that my already small eyes became slits! Not really... but you get my drift.

No, seriously. I looked like that (<--). Imagine a face instead of the white bulb, hair instead of the green things... That was me - the one and only Oniongirl. I don't wear my hair like that anymore, but that name's stuck with me since then. Oh well... :)

I had a friend who knew everything about my crush on Goldfish. She always had really fun/crazy ideas and she ended up using my crush on Goldfish to create the concept behind "Funny Love Story". It was basically an over-dramatized version of my freshman year love life. Over time, we added two new characters: Moonyman and Clover-of-the-Fairy.

She even drew a diagram depicting the complicated love lives of the four characters. This diagram eventually became something like an insignia... lol. We drew it everywhere, on everything. Here's a photo of one of the original diagrams (-->).

Now that I think about it, we were absolutely ridiculous. I mean, Moonyman? Clover-of-the-Fairy? Hahaha. But I loved it! <3 "Funny Love Story" was probably one of my best high school memories.

Sooo... that is the story behind the title of this blog. I know some people probably checked out this blog expecting me to have written about my hilarious love life. Sorry! :)

I'm actually using this blog as my college journal, a way for my family and friends to keep up with my life in college. Kinda lame, I know... But I didn't want my parents to start dabbling around with Facebook.

That's it, folks! End of my very first post! Yay! <3


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