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Monday, August 17, 2009


I lost my iPod... again.

Only a month has passed since I posted that "lost iPod" entry! And I'm leaving for college in two days! I don't wanna go to Bryn Mawr without it!

Someone find it for me. Please?

This really sucks. D":

=== EDIT ===

No, seriously. I really want to find it.

I could do that whole "It's LOST, my precious! LOOOOOOOOST!" Gollum thing right now.



Anonymous said...

well it does suck that you lost it....
and im telling you your mom has it and then when you finally go crazy about it she puts on her angry face and says, "I've found it! You should be more responsible!"
trust me.

Hannah said...

lena would say: HA! HA! x)
and fyi there's this ==EDIT== thing going on.. did you want to delete that?

well. good luck finding it again.

lena would never write like that.
oops ^ ^
whoever that was.

hope you find it.
whoa i already said that. hm. must mean it (:

Leah said...

hahaha did you find it?

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