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Tuesday, November 3, 2009


It's been too long since I've updated.

To be honest, I've been super... lazy? Unmotivated? Bum-like? You name it.

I've been working on my CSEM essay on "the unconscious" and I just finished. It's 3 AM now... and I don't know why, but I'm not tired. That's not to say that I'm fully awake, either. I kind of feel my brain is stuck in this huge vat of gooey marshmallow... I feel like a really really really stupid rock - if rocks can feel stupid.

I just googled "marshmallow" and I saw this (-->). I mean, I don't feel like a giant marshmallow monster (I said my BRAIN felt like it was STUCK in marshmallow). But that is one scary marshmallow monster. I think it's from Ghostbusters.

*shudder* That marshmallow monster is tied for 1st place with the Mars Attack alien picture (check my former post on Scary Things) on my list of "Scary-But-Not-Really-Scary" things.

Okay. OBVIOUSLY, I'm going into crazy, ramble-mode. I need to force myself to go to sleep...

I'll try and update later today. I promise.


Leah said...

hahaha aww i think that marshmellow monster is cute!

Lena said...

hey unnie nice photo.......hehe
how do u call the marshmallow monster scary?
i think its hilarious!

Hannah said...

i thought leah was lena :P

really, unnie. really.
scary marshmallow? or are you just trying to act cute :O
i caught you, didn't i? >:)
ms. cute-wannabe :D

when you received another comment, were you like OMG SOMEONE COMMENTED ME?? x)

go to sleep.

I almost missed this btw.
i have a new e-mail address: (: if you can, send it via my new address... i check that one wayyyyy more. thankies.

that marshmallow is so FAT.

marshmellow is spelled marshmAAAAAllow
did you know that??
i had to go back and change everything! ><

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