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Saturday, July 4, 2009


I always lose things. My family and friends will fervently agree. Sometimes, it's a shirt or my celly or my camera... Most often than not, it's my iPod that goes missing. I'm never really bothered when I lose things b/c I know that they'll show up sooner or later. I know, I know... I sound like an idiot right now, but that's how I really am!

But this time, it's different.

I lost my iPod... three months ago. Yes, three whole months ago. And I'm finally starting to worry. I mean, I really really really loved my iPod. After all, we'd been together for a while...

I received my iPod on my 16th birthday. Just for the heck of feeling nostalgic, I went back and read my 16th birthday diary entry. It was really funny/embarrassing reading that particular entry. To be honest, I was being a stuck-up brat, acting all emo and angsty about how my birthday turned out. Boy, was I being stupid that day... LOL. Seriously, I was SO self-absorbed. Even though it's kinda embarrassing, I'm gonna post my diary entry here:

Mommy and Daddy bought me an iPod nano in black. It was approximately $250...? That's the most that they've ever spent on me for a gift and so... I know that they are trying to make me happy. I mean, it was really expensive and I know we're trying to save money.

I've always wanted an mp3 player and iPod nano's are the best/most popular as of now. But, in all honesty, I would rather have had a nice "birthday" than this iPod nano.

Am I being selfish...? I just wanted to feel important, loved, and special today. But all I felt today was bitterness and resentment. I know that I should be grateful. But... I can't do it. I really wanted to celebrate my birthday. It was supposed to be my special day.

Btw, that was written in 2007! Spoiled, much? Heck yeah, I was. Seriously... now, I can honestly day that my iPod (and my backpack - but I'll talk about that later) was the best birthday gift EVER.


Wow. I feel so stupid.

As I was typing up this passion-filled entry, my mom called me over to her office. She held up this crappy little SanDisk mp3 player and was like, "How about you use this?" I walked away, wanting to finish my blog ranting on my lost iPod, but then she said, "If I find your iPod, you have to tutor your sisters without complaint all summer." Of course I agreed... I mean, my sisters and I had been searching ALL DAY for the stupid thing. I'd ransacked the house searching for it and blamed Hannah (sorrysorrysorry) more times than I could count. I thought that no one was ever going to find it... But lo and behold! There it was - my little iPod - in my mom's hand.

It was like 4th of July fireworks had gone off in my head (hahaha... appropriate, no?). Seriously... I was SO happy. :) But I couldn't believe that I'd already written half a blog post on my lost iPod.

Oh, the irony... - -;;

I have to say it again... I'm SO happy.
Nevermind... Hannah just farted in our little study room.
It stinks... really bad.


Anonymous said...

you know i really think that mom hides them and doesn't give it to you until your scared to death.
i still enjoyed your story though!!^-^

Hannah said...

hahaha that was really funny

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